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3-Stage self-sterilization
from water path to nozzle and toilet bowl
Sterilizes every inch of the surface
Sitz bath technology for
the first time in Korea
Coway's bathing function helps circulation around the bottom and has been recognized with a NET new technology certification by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
Heat function to help
blood circulation
Coway's health care heating function helps blood circulation for users, including women, by using a near-infrared hot wire

Body Care

  • BASH21-A Coway Clinic Bidet
  • BAS27-A Coway Self Sterilizing Bidet
  • BA13 Coway Bidet
  • BA20-A Coway Bidet
  • BAS25-A Coway Self-Sterilizing Bidet
  • BAS29-A Coway Self Sterilizing Bidet
  • BASH24-A Coway Self-Sterilizing Bidet
  • BASH30-A Coway Intelligent Care Bidet