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Overseas Business
We care for the world's water and air

We set our sights on the overseas market based on our world's top-notch water and air R&D infrastructure. Our main products are home wellness appliances, including air purifiers, water purifiers, bidets and juicers. Based on our internationally integrated brand ‘Coway', we are accelerating our overseas business through active cooperation for sales with global home appliances manufacturers. Currently, with operations in the US, Malaysia, China and Thailand, we are developing products and services and implementing marketing strategies to meet the local needs, thereby achieving a sustainable growth.

Coway in the World

world map
world map
Headquarters and R&D Center in Korea Global Partners 5 Overseas Subsidiaries 4 Production Plants Logistics Center in The Netherlands

Overseas Business Sales
(K-IFRS Consolidated Basis)

  • 미정 미정

    Innovation Acclaimed by the World Innovative values that we are delivering on the global stage bring out the desire of
    people around the world. We are awarded innovation prizes in 8 sectors at CES 2016,
    the world's largest consumer electronics tradeshow.

  • 미정 미정

    Regional Differentiation Strategy We develop regionally-differentiated strategic product lineups and a specialized service model.
    We ranked No. 1 in the water purifier industry in Malaysia. That is a successful achievement
    made through localization of Cody services and rental service system.

Home Wellness Appliances Business
We care for the health of your loved family members every day

Our Home Wellness Appliances Business has grown from the goodness that ‘expensive water purifiers are rented for a small amount of fee to allow many people to enjoy clean water every day'. Since initiating water purifier rental service for the first time in the world, we have driven innovation and led the market by expanding our rental business and coordinator service (called cody service) to cover air purifiers, bidets, water softeners and mattresses.

  • Water Purifier Our water purifiers deliver the
    value of clean and healthy water,
    which is the source of life.

  • Air Purifier Our filter technology, which
    integrates the world's best air quality
    research capabilities, cares about
    healthy breaths.

  • Bidet & Water Softener More sophisticated and complete
    sanitary technology creates
    comfortable bathroom culture.

  • Home Wellness Appliances Healthy and convenient home
    wellness appliances are provided to
    improve quality of life.

Home Care Business

Mattress Care Rental, our innovation to care for sleep

In 2011, we launched the first mattress rental · care services in Korea. One of the biggest troubles caused by using the bed is cleaning the mattress. It is not easy to keep the mattress clean, so the mattress is usually home to house dust mites, bacteria, fungi, etc. We focused our attention on addressing this problem. Once customers rent the mattress, our ‘HomeCare Doctor' (Coway's employee) visits their home to measure the contamination of mattress, and sanitize and clean the bed frame and mattress. Our innovative attempts to introduce the mattress market to rental sales approaches and to add periodic service elements, including cleaning and sanitization have received positive responses from the customers. Our innovation to care for sleep has led to a sustainable growth.

Coway's Cumulative Accounts in Mattress Management

  • Coway Automatic
    Matching Service
    Smartphone, body type analysis & body
    pressure measurement equipments
    precisely measure sleeping habits of
    individuals to recommend the best

  • Air Conditioner
    Cleaning Services
    Air conditioner disinfection cleaning
    services are offered to provide a wider
    range of homecare services for

IoCare Business

Zero seconds for customers to meet Coway

We have established IoCare (Internet of Care), a new business model, which combines the IoT (Internet of Things), products and services to care for people's lives in a more fundamental manner. We provide products to care about daily life, in which people drink, breathe and sleep. We provide personalized care solutions by collecting, merging and analyzing personal lifestyle data recorded in these products in order to reassure customers that they can lead a healthy life 24/7. We are building a new world of care where people, products and services are organically connected.

Cosmetics Business
We provide the most innovative products to care about beauty and health

After establishing the cosmetics institute, we entered the cosmetics market in earnest in 2010 to deliver healthy beauty to customers by focusing on the development of high-functional premium products. We initiated door-to-door sales and secured the customer base through home wellness appliance business. Since then, we have expanded distribution channels to home shopping, department stores, and online malls, thereby continuing to achieve sustainable development. We meet constantly evolving health and beauty needs of our customers by providing ‘Re:NK', an anti-aging cosmetics brand, ‘Allvit',a fermented oriental herbal cosmetics brand, and ‘Healthygru:', a functional healthy food brand.

View Brands

  • Anti-aging cosmetics brand, which contains the aesthetics
    and essence of the cell science

  • Fermented oriental herbal cosmetics brand made in
    an authentic manner

  • Health expert, which designs a vibrant life

Water & Environment Business
We provide comprehensive water and environment services based on our wide experiences and advanced technologies

In 2010, we acquired Green Entech, a specialized water treatment and engineering company, to expand our business into comprehensive water treatment. In an effort to strengthen the water treatment business expertise, our water & environment business sector was spun off and established as Coway EnTech Co., Ltd in February 2016. Coway EnTech holds the biggest track record in the membrane technology area in Korea. The spun-off company provides comprehensive water and environment solution services ranging from a wide range of water treatment, including water & sewage treatment, sewage & wastewater reuse, industrial water purification, industrial wastewater treatment, and desalination, through to design, construction, commissioning, consulting and operation.

Water & Environment Business Areas

Water & Environment Business Areas
Business Areas Details
Water & Sewage Treatment A wide range of engineering services are provided, including advanced ater treatment services using Nano Membrane to reduce pollutants as well as the design, construction and commissioning of MBR(Membrane Bio Reactor) process technology that is used in public sewage treatment facilities.
Sewage & Wastewater Reuse Treated sewage and wastewater is retreated and regenerated as igh-quality industrial water for dyeing, steel, power generation, and paper manufacturing, thereby increasing the cost competitiveness of the company.
Industrial Water Purification Engineering services are provided for water treatment to meet the required water quality for process when a company uses river or waterworks as raw water.
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Customized wastewater treatment services are provided for each plant to deal with a range of wastewater components and reliably comply with legally permitted emission standards.