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Coway's Innovation for Clean Water and Air, Coway Trust, Re:BLUETION

Aiming to provide a cleaner and healthier lifestyle to customers, Coway has set its brand objective as 'Coway Trust, Re:BLUETION', the Innovation for Clean Water and Air.

'Coway Trust' embodies Coway's commitment to a cleaner way of life.
'Re' embodies the new challenges for achieving the cleaner way of life.
'BLUETION' embodies Coway's fundamental innovation that allows customers to enjoy a naturally pure, clean, and healthy lifestyle, just like the color blue.
When the essence of Coway meets new challenges, Coway's innovation, 'Re:BLUETION' is achieved.

As a brand that carries out clean innovations for the customers, Coway will always be a part of its customer's lives, caring for each customer's happiness and improving the quality of their lives. To achieve this goal, Coway will innovate its products, share the value of a healthy lifestyle and overcome limits with its open innovation.

Coway Trust, Re:BLUETION