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Design Philosophy

Design the Basics
  • Thoughtful Designs that Contain AuthenticityTHOUGHTFUL DETAILS
    We take care of every small detail to ensure that customers enjoy enough clean water, air and the environment. The core value of our design is to care for quality of life and happiness and provide reliability with a warm and honest design that considers customers.
  • Distinct Designs that Focus on FeaturesDESIGN FOR USE
    We take a close look at the everyday life and design what the customers need from their perspective. We pursue an intuitive and feature-centered design to allow anyone to easily and conveniently use without unnecessary decoration and frills.
  • Designs that Are in Harmony with Daily LifeHARMONY WITH LIFE
    We always exist in our customers' everyday life. Our design, which cares invisible but the most important elements, naturally permeates the surroundings and is balanced, rather than being fancy or drawing attention.
  • Designs that Offer Better ExperiencesBETTER EXPERIENCE
    We design a better future based on innovative technology. We strive to discover new experiences and values that have not been thought of before and create a more convenient life for all.

Design Achievements

Achieved the Grand Slam by Receiving the World's Top 4 Design Awards

We achieved the Grand Slam for 6 consecutive years by winning the world's top 4 design awards of iF, Germany's reddot, IDEA of the U.S. and Japan's Good Design. Our design is highly praised for creating a premium image that is in harmony with daily life. Especially, we are leading the future of design for home wellness appliances with the honor of winning ‘iF Design Award', one of the world's greatest design awards, for 9 consecutive years.

Strengthened User-Centric Brand Experiences

In an effort to deliver our own emotional and brand values in the areas where users can experience Coway, we propose a design that considers the users in the service medium, design space and Smartphone applications. IoCare application intuitively delivers information on air quality and water drinking habits that had not been visible before, thereby adds new value to life. IoCare application's storytelling type screen composition and neat user experience gained recognition and contributed to winning iF, Japan's Good Design Award and Pinup Design Award, one of Korea's top 3 design awards.