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Core Competencies

Our Brand's Keyword ‘Care'


We do not just sell products. Our core competencies lie in providing ‘Care' based on the combination of products and services. In an effort to clearly reflect the value of ‘Care' and help the better understanding of a wide range of our products and services, we have categorized five ‘Care' products and organized product groups under our corporate and leading brand ‘Coway' to allow customers to experience a more professional and systematic products and care services.


We have been leading changes and innovation in all aspects of life beyond water, air and the environment! Now we provide a new personalized care for customers by combining our unique core competitiveness ‘Care' and IoT (Internet of Things) technology to create the future of daily life for the health and wellbeing of customers.

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Products and services that enable Coway to provide customized and reliable solutions by monitoring, analyzing and diagnosing customers' daily life and understanding their habits