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CEO's Message

건강하고 편리한 생활문화로 더 나은 세상을 만들어가겠습니다. 코웨이 대표코디 이해선

At some point here in Korea, we came to be familiar with water purifiers and air cleaners placed in the living room. With the support of the customers who see health as the essence of happiness, we have continued our growth with innovation, creativity and spirit of challenge since established in 1989. We have led the industry and realized the value of a healthy life through the continuous development of products that make life easy, ranging from household appliances, including water purifiers, air purifiers and bidets, through mattresses to cosmetics. Our rental service system started with the idea that expensive water purifiers are rented for a small amount of fee to allow many people to enjoy clean water. This rental service system is referred to as a representative marketing innovation. Cody, our service professionals, who not only inspect the rental product but also care about customers' concerns on health have highly been favored by many customers.

Our journey has always been new and challenging.
Instead of being complacent about our leading position in the market and staying in the comfort zone, we have endeavored to care for all aspects of our customers' life with the adoption of a wide range of living products and appliances. We evolved once again by making healthcare available 24/7 with the use of the IoT (Internet of Things) and big data. Our insight and new thinking that goes beyond the product and moves toward people makes it possible for us to be ranked No. 1 in market share, brand power and sales continuously. I believe that our sincere effort to develop the best products and services everyday as a life care company has contributed to who we are now.

We have grown as a company based on the water that people drink and wash with and the air that they breathe.
To protect the value of clean water and air is what we can do best and why we exist in the world. In an effort to allow the customers to reliably enjoy such precious values, we will lay a firm foundation for strengthening customer confidence. We proactively solve problems by taking ‘Coway Trust' as a top priority in all our business activities, including product development, design, quality and services. We will develop products with a mission to realize many people's desire to keep a healthy life, and we will continue to care about the precious daily life of customers with our professional Cody service.

Our effort to make a valuable contribution to the world will also continue to lead to corporate social responsibility.
We will continue to share with society the value of clean water, a core competitive advantage of Coway, through water purifier sharing activities and drinking water support. As the company that has trained ‘Cody', Korea's representative one-person business, we will continue our effort for CSV (Creating Shared Value), including support for one-person startup.

I hope that you will join us on our meaningful journey to create a better world.