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CI contains our philosophy as a life care company, which contributes to a healthy and happy life.

Word Mark

Our corporate identity expresses Coway as a company that approaches customers with warm-heartedness and kindness. The soft curve symbolizes a young and vibrant corporate culture as well as embodies a desire to enable customers to continue to seamlessly live a healthy life. Shapes of letter ‘W' located in the center of COWAY express our value and benefits that have always been together with people's daily life like a soft breeze. The bright blue tone indicates trust and responsibility pursued by Coway.

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Korean Logotype

This logotype is used to write the company name in Korean. In this case, ‘코웨이(Coway)' is used first. ‘코웨이주식회사 (Coway Co.,Ltd)' or ‘코웨이(주) (Coway Co.,Ltd)' can be used depending on the properties of the medium. A calm and dignified gray color on a clear white background symbolizes our authenticity and premium.

Korean Logotype
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Coway's representative color is blue, which symbolizes faith and responsibility. Coway Blue, which has a clean and clear feeling definitely delivers a corporate image that pursues people-centered care with the best products and services. Gray, another representative color, conveys a calm and professional image. The two sub colors of yellow and orange are used to either place a special emphasis or express caution. The defined colors are used to keep a consistent corporate identity.

coway color