Dual suction air purifier Coway Air Purifier with Dual Suction Dual options of finger-type &
crushed ice Self-circulating sterilization
of water tank, tube & faucet
Multi-temperature water options
Pro Water Contained in MyHANDSPAN Coway MyHANDSPAN Water Purifier IoCare Self-circulating sterilization system
Perfect sterilization of water tank and water
path in the water purifier as well as water faucet
with auto sliding sterilization

Coway Product

We care a healthy & convenient life

Water Care

Fresh water for you.
We provide healthy and pleasant water
beyond clean water to give you various
drinking experiences and bring vitality to daily life.

Air Care

Clean air for you.
Visibly clean air allows you to enjoy comfort
and safety.

Body Care

Healthy habit for you.
Clean water that reaches the body everyday
and a regular habit create healthy and
pleasant conditions.


Coway provides upgraded life care service with the IoT,
which moves beyond the simple analysis and
diagnosis of the surroundings.

  • Objective analysis of the conditions through Big Data
  • Customized real-time analysis and
    diagnosis according to the analysis results
  • Provision of immediate action guide consulting
    as well as the diagnosis and prescription
  • Provision of real-time solutions and
    co-solutions, including living guide

  1. Analysis based on
    Big Data
  3. guide
  4. real-time